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Nicosh Studios

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What can Nicosh Studios offer you?

Good question, I'm glad you asked!

As a proper crafty, ever-curious, apparently-ADHD, always-trying-something-new, DIY-er, and mom-of-all-trades... saying I do a lot of things is an understatement. As much as I try, I just can't narrow down my focus to where it should be. Also, with all those things I am always doing, I need something productive to do them for other than "Just for fun" or because I wanted to learn a new thing. 

So... Buckle-up Buttercup, and check it all out below!

3D Printing and Modeling

Download now and print at home!

Purchase a copy of our original 3D printer files, and print at home.

*for personal use only, not for resale or other profitable uses.*

Buy completely finished, hand-painted 3D models

I love to paint as much (or more) as design. Let me hand-paint whichever figure you want! It will come sealed and protected so that it can hold up under any condition, even outside or in a fish tank!

Have us print it, and send it to you!

Don't have a printer? We can use our high-quality resin printer to print the file(s) of your choice, and mail it direct to your home for you to use/customize however you like!

Have your own idea..?

Maybe you really want something, but can't find it anywhere. I can design it for you! I will custom design a 3D file exactly how you like.

Painting & Other Art

Buy original art

Purchase your own physical copy of one (or more!) of my paintings and have it mailed directly to your home!

**disclaimer: currently offered through a third-party printing company

Buy a digital copy of my art

Save $$ and have a high-quality file emailed to you. Then print it yourself, use it as a background, or gift it to a loved-one.

**for personal use only, not for resale or other profitable uses.

Peruse the Gallery

Just want to see what I've been tinkering around with? Visit my personal Gallery and enjoy the show!


I've only been brave enough to enter one art contest thus far in my life, and I actually earned an award for it! Check it out and the story behind the painting.

And more...!?

Buy Merch

Each item is designed by me, and printed via a third-party affiliate. I choose only great products to slap my stuff onto so y'all are happy with your choice!

Nicosh Woodworking

Oh yeah... And our backyard business. While it is currently closed, we are very proud of all of our accomplishments in the 10 years we supplemented

(and often solely provided) our income during the harder times.

Nicosh Homestead

Yup. I homestead. Like, feeding/breeding/selling loving chickens and goats and pigs and garden. On 1/3 acre. Check out our antics (and tips!) here.

Blog & Podcast

While I'm not the greatest at keeping up to date on things like this, it's something I've been longing to do for a while now. So I'm setting goals to provide y'all with entertainment of some sort through my words - audibly and visually :)

Follow me on all the things...!

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